Press Releases

March 15, 2023 -

NWPC-VA Set to Endorse State-Wide Candidates

December 8, 2022-

Statement from the VREA Reg. Del. Marie March’s Personhood Bill – HB1395:

June 16, 2022 -

Statement Regarding Comments By VDH Commissioner Dr. Colin Greene

October 26, 2021 -

NWPC-VA to Virginia: Get out the Pro-Choice Vote

September 3, 2021 -

Endorsements for the November House of Delegates RaceNWPC-VA Endorses Haya Ayala for Lt. Governor of Virginia

April 19, 2021 -

NWPC-VA Endorses an Exciting and Diverse Group of Candidates for House of Delegates for June 8 Primary NWPC-VA Endorses Jennifer McClellan andAndria McClellan to lead Virginia

April 17, 2021 -

NWPC-VA Endorses Endorses Andria McClellan as theDemocratic Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia