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I am running for Virginia State Delegate/Senator. Can I apply?

  • YES!

I am running for local election. Can I apply?

  • No.  At this time, NWPC-VA is endorsing at the state level only.

What are the basic criteria for endorsement?

To apply, you must

  • identify as female;
  • support full reproductive rights, including abortion;
  • support certification and publication of the Equal Rights Amendment as the 28th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution;
  • support legislation that provides increased access to childcare and other dependent care programs;
  • have met all the requirements and has been declared an official candidate by the Virginia Department of Elections.

What makes the NWPC-VA so special?

  • We are committed to getting more women in elected and appointed positions in Virginia. 
  • NWPC-VA represents membership from across the Commonwealth. We offer access to a highly motivated, resourceful, and connected membership 
  • We offer programming, mentorship, resources and community to endorsed candidates.

What comes with the NWPC-VA Endorsement?

    Promotion of the campaign

    Encouragement of NWPC-VA members to support the campaign

    Access to campaign training opportunities

    Mentoring, networking and relationship building opportunities

    NWPC-VA Honorary Guest access to our programming for one year, which provides access to the NWPC-VA community, activities,     

    events, communications, and special candidate programs (non-voting)


Is there a deadline to apply?

  • Yes! Primary endorsement deadline:  April 1, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET 
  • General election deadline:  August 18, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET
  • If you already applied to be considered in the primary race, you don’t need to reapply for the general.

What happens after I apply?

  • You will receive an email notification that will include a sign-up for a 30 minute zoom interview.

        Do I have to do the interview?

        • Yes!  To be considered for an endorsement, candidates must complete the online application AND the 30 minute interview.

        How will I know if I have been endorsed?

        • When you fill out the application, it is important to provide your best email and phone number where we can reach you. We will send you a notification by email. 

        How does the endorsement process work?

        • After receiving your application, we will confirm you have met required criteria and answered all questions. We will then schedule an interview.
        • After the interview, the Endorsement Committee recommends candidates to the NWPC-VA Board for endorsement.
        • The NWPC-VA Board votes to endorse.
        • Applicants are notified. 
        • We create social media graphics to share on social media.
        • Our community rallies behind our endorsed candidates!

        How does NWPC-VA make a decision to endorse?

        • After the candidate applies and completes an interview, we average the application and the interview score. We examine the composite rubric scores as well as the composition of the other candidates in the race.
        • The Endorsement Committee presents recommended applicants candidates to the Board for final approval.

        I have been endorsed by NWPC-VA endorsement before redistricting, do I need to re-apply for the upcoming November 7, 2023 election?

        • Yes! Because of redistricting, this election cycle brings opportunities and challenges for incumbents and candidates. ALL candidates must apply regardless of past status. 

            If I receive a primary election endorsement from NWPC-VA, do I have to re-apply for the general endorsement?

            • No. all applicants that applied at the primary level do not have to apply again for the general election.

            Why didn’t I receive an NWPC-VA endorsement? 

            • There may be several reasons that you were not endorsed, especially in the primary election. As stated in the NWPC-VA Standing Rules and Endorsement Policy, we reserve the right not to endorse a candidate. For instance, if there are 2 or more candidates in a primary race that meet our criteria, we reserve the right not to endorse until the general election. 

            I didn’t apply during my primary. Now that I won, may I apply for the General election endorsement?

            • Yes. 

            Do I have to advertise the endorsement?

            • YES! Part of our agreement is that you publicly acknowledge our endorsement. We will provide you with a special graphic to use in your social media channels. 

            I need more information. Who should I contact?

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